James M Errington

Sound Collage ◦ Audioarcheology ◦ Podcasts ◦ Sound Art

I am an award-winning creator of audio soundscapes, mixtapes and sound collages which transport the listener to a different time and place.

Centuries of Sound

At Centuries of Sound I am making an immersive audio collage for every year of recorded sound, starting in 1859 and working my way through to the present. Mixes are free to stream, have been featured in a variety of international publications, and won a British Podcast Award in 2019. Come and explore the real sound of the past.

Soundscapes to Order

Do you have a live show, event, film or party which needs to evoke a particular time and/or place? I can create a customised soundscape to your specifications. My mixes are not simple nostalgic collections of hits – I use a wide variety of music and sounds to create an immersive evocation of a moment, an era or a mood.

Freelance sound editing

With decades of experience of making professional-standard sound mixes, I can put together your podcast, radio promo, interview, lesson, mixtape or any other piece of sound which needs editing.

About Me

An introduction to my professional background, life and interests.

James M Errington

English Language, culture and coaching professional, podcaster, sound mixer and archivist.

Do you have questions about my work or classes?


(+44) 01223 502267

Twitter: @JamesMErringto1

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